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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how we operate? No problem. Most people do– especially if you have never worked with a cash buyer. So, we curated a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our mode of operation. But feel free to contact us if you still have questions. 

Q: Will you list my house on MLS or buy it directly?  

A: Excellent question! We are not realtors; we are professional cash buyers. So, we buy houses at a discount to make a profit. Sell Your House Fast Massachusetts buys houses that tick all our purchase requirement boxes. When we buy a home, we fix it up and flip it or keep it for rental. 

Q: Do you pay reasonable prices for houses? 

A: Most times, we buy houses below the market value, repair them, and flip them for profit. Hence, we purchase these properties at a discounted price. But from our experience, we realized homeowners with rundown houses hardly search for a windfall on their properties. Often, they’d rather stick with our quick, effortless, and cash-buying services. If that’s what you want, chat us up, and let’s see if we can create a win-win cash offer that leaves all parties satisfied. Besides, our quote comes with no obligations or pressure. You can walk away from our offer if it doesn’t seem suitable. But since you have nothing to lose, it wouldn’t hurt to discover what we can offer for your house. 

Q: How do you determine your bid on my house? 

A: Great question! We have nothing to hide from you. We are an open book, especially as regards how we create cash offers. Our process is direct. When you contact us for a quote, we consider your location, house style, current home condition, and repair cost. Finally, we will investigate the recent price of apartments in your area so we can draft a clear-cut cash offer. Ultimately, we create a quotation that works for us and sits well with you. 

Q: Does working with you attract any commissions or fees? 

A: Selling to us is nothing like selling through real estate agents. One of the clearly identifiable differences is that we don’t take commissions. You’re obliged to pay realtors about 5-7% commissions of the total cost. 

But we’ll send you a no-obligation offer, buy your house without taking a dime and settle the closing fees. How do we make our money? Simple. After we buy and repair your home, we flip it for profit. However, this exposes us to risks, but that’s fine. We buy houses Massachusetts, and you walk away without the burden or responsibility. 

Q: How are we different from realtors? 

A: Real estate agents have one goal: sell your house at a reasonable price as soon as possible. They charge 5-7% of the total cost when they get your home sold. To attract buyers, realtors hold showings and inspections for prospective buyers. A buyer can withdraw from the sale agreement anytime due to inspection or financing contingencies. If this happens, it’s back to scratch– you’ll start a new sale timeline. Realtors are perfect for people who are patient enough to wait 3-6 months to sell their houses.  But we are different. Sell your House Fast Massachusett buys houses directly– so we don’t try to find buyers. There are no commissions or any fees attached to our selling procedure. Moreover, we pay in cash. When we buy your property, you don’t need to make any repairs, clean, or make an effort. Finally, selling is guaranteed with us– no contingencies.

Q: Are there any obligations in sending my information?

A: There’s zero commitment or obligations when you send us your information. When we receive your details, we’ll draft and send you a fair cash offer. Our bid is nothing but a proposal. You can choose to either accept it or reject it. There’s no pressure.

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