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Sell Your House Fast Massachusetts
How We Buy Houses

We are local cash buyers and we buy houses as-is and make the process fast and easy.


    Selling to us means you don't need to make any repairs! Getting started is as easy as giving us your details below or calling at (508) 552-4070.

    What Our Buying Process Entails

    Finally step four to sell your house

    Contact us to tell us about your house

    step two selling your house

    If your meets our requirements for purchase, we’ll ring you up and set an appointment to walk the property.

    step three selling your house to us

    You’ll receive a fair all-cash offer on your home.

    Finally step four to sell your house

    We close at a local professional title company and pay you

    Time Frame For Sale: Sell Your House Fast Massachusetts usually delivers a bid 24 hours after we get your details. Sometimes, we can send you an offer in as little as 8 minutes! We’d like to see a few photos that give a vivid image of your house’s current condition. Then, we close based on your schedule, but it often takes 7 days to complete a sale. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call.
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    Selling Has Never Been This Effortless!

    We buy houses in Massachusetts! Luckily, there’s no limit to our service range. Regardless of the area, we purchase properties and close fast because we are the direct buyers. Unlike agents, we don’t use the MLS to find buyers for your home.

    Working with us means you will spend zero dollars on commissions or fees. Our deals are charge-free and straightforward. Some cash buyers portray a particular amount in their bid and change it on the brink of closing, knowing you have no choice. Sell Your House Fast Massachusetts is sincere and above board with all transactions. What you see is what you get– no shady deals.

    So, what’s the delay? Let’s help you make some money out of that unwanted house.


    An Overview Of Our Purchasing Method

    We buy Massachusetts houses in 3 seamless stages. First, you’ll get a fair cash offer on our home. Afterward, we work non-stop to close as soon as possible. We don’t take commissions or rely on agents to sell your house. That’s how we purchase homes in Massachusetts.

    It’s okay to have questions about our process. So, here’s a collection of our FAQs.

    Find out answers to these questions below.

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    Our recipe for buying houses

    We made our process a breeze. As a result, no obligations or commitments are attached to our bid. Here’s a simplified description of our process.

    That’s all it takes to get a no-obligation cash offer.  

    get a cash offer today

    What info impacts a cash offer?

    We have a team of adept real estate investors with vast experience drafting cash offers. Hence, there are no low ball offers here. We only provide the best offers. To help us achieve this, our staff needs to understand your unique needs.

    Your answer to these questions forms a substantial part of the drafting process. All homes are unique in their way. Hence, we consider the property’s location, style, and condition so we can deliver a well-informed quote.

    How we calculate our cash offers

    “How much wIll I get for my house?” is a question that lurks around the corner at the early stage of a home selling deal. But the answer to this question varies depending on the situation. Consequently, we need to delve into our unique formula for calculating your quote.

    First, our formula is:




    ARV is the retail value of your home in the local market. This is based on the assumption that all repairs have been completed and the house would be attractive to potential buyers. ARV is an acronym for After Repair Value.

    Minimum Profit

    The profit is essential because we need to make money to keep the business running and fend for our families. While our profit margin isn’t fixed, we aim for a 15% gain on each sale. Our repair estimate might be inaccurate, so the costs could affect our profit sometimes. We don’t mind making a 10% profit instead. Hence, we try to be cautious while dealing with our figures. One mistake can wipe out half of our profit. But the 15% profit offers a soft landing for any unexpected charges.

    Transaction Cost

    We incur several costs during the transactions. They include loan origination fees, interest-only monthly installments, HOA fees, etc. However, the total costs often amount to 15%.


    Repairs are pretty much subjective in most cases. We can’t always provide a perfect estimate of the repairs needed to get a house to its ARV. In the past, we’ve discovered unexpected renovations while working on a completely different task. For example, we can find plumbing issues while remodeling the bathroom floor. Or realize an electrical issue while renovating. That’s why we strive to examine the property thoroughly to reduce the risks of discovering a huge problem. In extreme cases, our bid would include potential risks.

    Your Cash Offer

    Our profit and transaction cost amounts to 30% of the total cost. So the formula for our final quote is ARV–30%– Repairs = Final bid. That’s how we calculate our proposal. See? We have nothing to hide. When we send you an offer, that’s what you get!


    Considerations That Influence Our Cash Offers

    What’s The Expected Duration For Selling Houses?

    We work speedily and conclude the sale quickly. This is possible because we are ardent and thus, strive to nip problems in the bud. You can trust us to deliver the speedy close we promised.

    We’ll provide all the documents required by the title company and gather any essential details to set the ball rolling. We envisage any possible issues and tackle them before it escalates or hamper all our plans to close fast.

    By working with a professional title company, we can evaluate the title transferability. Because the title is a pivotal factor, we won’t proceed with the process until all title problems are resolved. We’ll conduct a property inspection and acquire funding from our end.

    Now, to your favorite part! We’ll conclude the sale, and you’ll walk away with cash. The entire purpose can last for as little as 7 days. But title-related setbacks can extend it for about 10-30 days.

    Want to get started? Contact us now to get a no-obligation all-cash offer.